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Andhra Pradesh Working Journalists Fedaration


Andhra Pradesh Working Journalists Fedaration (APWJF)employed in various newspapers establishments ' electronic media and News Agencies both in English and regional languages. small and Medium newspapers and News Channels covering Twenty Three District Unions in the State. About six thousand (6000) members are with the Fedaration consisting of majority of District Units in the state. Senior Journalists with a proven record in the conditions of service of the working journalists.

And it is in the forefront to fight for better living and working conditions for its members. it always stands to defend the freedom of the press and other democratic right of the working journalists.

The objectsof APWJF are to orzanise Working Journalists and Electronic Media in the State of Andhra Pradesh on Trade Union lines and strive for the      better ment of working conditions of the journalists. it raises the status of the members in the proffession and promotes the highest standards of proffes sion al conduct. integrity and unity ,a spirit of co-oparation With other sections of employees in newspaper industry.

It safe guards and promotes the intrest of the working journalists particularly to assit members and promotes wage agreements on a provincial or the State basis by the APWJF acting between the employers and the provide assistance to members in the event of a trade dispute.

This Fedaration shall play a vital role in struggle to fight aganist the physical attacks perpetuated by the politicians. goonds,antisocial 6elements and in particulars the Police atrocities the working journalists in the State.

Our objects and aims are to maintain cordial relationship with the manage ment print and electronic media establishments and improve the living conditions of working journalists and their welfare accepted by the employers.

Majarity of the Working Journalists Joined the Fedaration which is Formed with a view to linking up all the organisations and co-ordinating their policies and efforts.it impresses upon the Central and State Governments the point of view Working Journalists on all matters concerning the Press.

We welcome young journalists and new trends Union in the journalistic proffession in Andhra Pradesh. The Andhra Pradesh Working Journalists Fedaration is formed and reflection oe the chaos of present situation. We pledge to give an Instrument Through Our Fedaration for further strength ening of the activities for the cause of employees and employers. APWJF first state conference held atRTC kalabhavan, Hydrabad On November 3&4 2009 and Elected new team.

Andhra Pradesh Working Journalists Fedaration (APWJF)
solicits continuos support of all sections of democratic like minded people,intelle cuals, senior journalists and politicians  to fight for cause of our fellow journalists and encourage us your valuable suggestions.


   B.Basava Punnaiah                                                G.Anjaneyulu 

                                     President                                                             General Secretary